Omadi Mobile v3.6.1

Omadi Mobile v3.6.1



  1. Adding a comment in draft mode crashed the app
  2. Input fields scrolled out of view after tapping them
  3. The Start / Tow Time was always filled in when a job was created (it will now only be filled in if it is required)
  4. Signature fields were not showing associated agreement text
  5. Impound yard info was missing from the Destination card if a tow yard default was used
  6. If a user un-dispatched a job from themselves, the job would be removed from the dispatch list completely
  7. A request would remain on the dispatch screen after a user dispatched it to themselves
  8. An error that would occur when the user attempted to add a relocation vehicle without a truck selected 


  1. Changed lists to show the most helpful information for each item, instead of the title set in TMS title fields
  2. Credits / Refunds / Write-Offs can now be added in the app (if the user has the correct permissions)
  3. Form conversions are now visible when looking at Impounded and Booted Vehicles (they were previously hidden)
  4. ETA can now be set in the app

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