Client Portal: Guide for Property Managers

Client Portal: Guide for Property Managers

Property managers can view information about tows associated with their property, including being able to view pictures. Besides looking at tickets, there are several features in the Client Portal, including violation lookup, creating/requesting permits, adding vehicles to a Do Not Tow list, requesting tows, approving tags, and a few other options.

Add Do Not Tow
The Do Not Tow feature allows property managers to request their entire property to not be towed for a certain period of time, as well as designating certain vehicles that they never want towed. 

Manage Permits
The Permit feature allows property managers to list all the vehicles on the property that have permits. Permits can be turned on and off for vehicles by changing the Permit Status.

Request a Tow
In Tow Request, property managers can request vehicles be towed from their property.

Approve Tags
Property managers can approve tags, and they can specify that the vehicle can be towed after the tag expires, or they can set a tow date. In the Client Portal all expired tags that are awaiting manager approval can be found under Approve Tags on the black navigation bar. Tags are sorted from oldest to newest, and this cannot be changed. This will help managers clear out the older tags first. Select which tags to approve, and enter the date the tagged vehicle can be towed in the “Enforcement Time After Approval” date field. Once the page is saved, all approved tags will appear in the Approved tab. Property managers can use the Approved tab to see which tags are waiting for action from the towing company.

Once the tag is approved, the property manager can move up the date to tow it by changing the “Enforcement Time After Approval” again. This will help property managers to distinguish which tags need approval and which tags are approved and waiting to be towed. If the In Compliance feature is turned on, vehicles can be marked as In Compliance instead of being approved. Once the page is saved, all tags marked as “In Compliance” will appear in the “In Compliance” tab. If a property requires confirmation information for tags, a window will pop up asking for the required fields for authorization after pressing the Submit button.

Violation Lookup (By Plate)
In the Violation Lookup feature, property managers can search for vehicles tagged/towed on their property by looking up license plates.

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