Using ADD123 for Lien Processing

Using ADD123 for Lien Processing


If you want to use the ADD123 feature in Omadi to look up DMV records, please contact Support at (801) 800-8250 or  There is no charge to Omadi to use this feature, though there may be a charge to ADD123.

Before a company can run a motor vehicle request through ADD123 they will need to have an active account with ADD123. If they do not, they can visit Omadi’s users must enter the affiliate code OMADI at the time they set up their ADD account. This will allow the company to get the $100 setup fee waived as well as connect their ADD account to Omadi. Please note that due to the sensitive nature of the lien holder information and the security requirements of integrating the ADD123 account, this module will not be viewable or accessible by Omadi Agents.

User Authentication

After the configuration is complete the company user who is going to be doing the DMV requests will need to authenticate their account with ADD123.  It is important to note that the site only allows one ADD123 account to be used, so we do not use different licenses for different users. The user will need to click on their username in the top right corner and then click on “ADD123 Connect”.  From there the user will log in to ADD123 with their credentials. This will create a token, and the user will be automatically returned to the Omadi site and the account will be connected. Congratulations! Setup is now complete. 

Requesting Motor Vehicle Records

Now that DMV123 is set up, the user that was granted permission can request DMV records.  These users will now see a “Retrieve Vehicle Record” button on their tow tickets. This button will be located below the form actions and DPO actions on the right column of the tow ticket. 

Clicking the “Retrieve Vehicle Record” button will open the Request Vehicle Record window.  On this Request Vehicle Record window, you will find a reference number. This field is automatically populated with the node number but can be edited.  The second field is VIN. This will automatically pull from the tow ticket. The user will then need to select the “Motor Vehicle Record” radio button and find the state in which the vehicle was registered from the drop-down menu.  Finally, the user needs to agree to the terms and conditions and click the “Accept” button. There is a transaction fee associated with retrieving vehicle records. This fee is charged by ADD123, and the price is negotiated between the tow company and ADD123.

After a vehicle record has been requested, the user can find the motor vehicle information on the “DMV” tab of your tow ticket.  A record of all requests for this tow ticket can be found here. These requests will be listed by date, include a type, the VIN, Status, and a PDF.  The PDF can also be viewed directly in Omadi by clicking on the arrow icon on the far left side of the row. The status will be updated to “Pending” to indicate we have sent the request and should take about 5 minutes for a result.  Refreshing the browser window may be required to see an updated status.

The “type” column on this report will tell us the method by which the vehicle information was requested.  In the example below, we’ll see GAVIN and FLVIN. We know by looking at this that these records were requested from Georgia and Florida by the VIN.  In the first two examples, the status is Not Found because the vehicle was not registered in Georgia so the first one wasn’t able to return any records, and in the second one the VIN was entered incorrectly.   Clicking the PDF icon at the far right side of the row will download the PDF report to your computer.

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